Week 2: Continuation of the Plan

We are still trying to determine if we want to use a regular bicycle or an exercise bicycle. While it will be easier to bring in our own bicycle, it will be much harder to complete the bicycle generator. This will require us to build a wood frame. On the other hand, if we use an exercise bicycle we will be saving weeks of stress of trying to build a support system for the bicycle. The exercise bicycle also comes with a motor. The only challenge is trying to find an exercise bicycle.

Also, we are hopefully going to use a DC motor instead of an AC motor since a DC motor is most likely what powers an exercise bicycle. We will post more updates as our plan becomes more finalized.

Keep up the great work team!

ametek lamb 5409-33-2 universal ac/dc mtr,1/4hp,19,500rpm,120v

Dayton 5Ng03 Dc Gearmotor, 195 Rpm, 24V


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