Great news... we finally have a bicycle in our possession. So, we went to Ms. Miller to ask her if she has or knows of anyone who has an exercise bicycle since she has "connections." She graciously sent out an email to all the teachers. Next, we went to ask Ms. Cantlupe. Unfortunately, she did not have a bicycle but she suggested that we go to Mr. Collins and ask him. To our surprise, he led us to a back room where there were about 20 bicycle from some old spin cycle class taught here. He said we could take one so we did. This was amazing. We have an exercise bicycle and are making progress! Great job!

Week 5: Possible Donation

So, our plan for getting a stationary bicycle is to go back to a donation as this is a project that will remain in school and hopefully be used for years to come. We are also still looking on numerous websites for possible donations from outside sources. We are possibly even thinking of going around the school and asking teachers if they know of anything.

Week 4: New Idea

We have decided to purchase our own bicycle as receiving a donation is not going to happen. We are looking for an inexpensive bicycle that we all, as a group, will pay for. We would like to find one for under $100. We are still trying to acquire all the parts we need to build this project.

Week 4: Research

This week we will be doing some more research on a possible exercise bicycle that we can use as well as the information listed in our previous post. We hope to have everything for next week, but since all of these items need to be purchased, it will take some time to acquire everything.

Week 3: Budget Revised

Our new budget is as follows...

1 dc motor 24 volts
1 converter
1 diode
1 battery box
1 volt meter measure
1 exercise bicycle

Unfortunately, we are not able to use the motors found in the back of the classroom as another group is already using them. So, we will research and purchase some motors.

Link to DC Motor 24 Volts, 250 Watts:

Link to 24 to 12 Volt Converter:

Week 3: The Donation

Great news... we put some feelers out about possibly getting an exercise bicycle as a donation and we have found one! We are now coordinating on how to get the bicycle. Most likely we will pick up the bicycle and drive it back to school. We also are going to use some motors that we have in the back of the classroom as well as a basket that will hold everything and make it look nicer.

Week 2: The Exercise Bicycle

Instead of using a regular bicycle and having to build a wood frame to support it, we are going to use an exercise bicycle. This will be much more efficient since it will already have a motor inside thus saving a large amount of time. The challenge with using an exercise bicycle is finding an affordable one that is still functional but is not in horrible condition. We put an ad out on that we are looking for one; however, it will probably be easier to purchase an inexpensive one ourselves. Below are some examples of what we might be looking for...…