Week 1: Proposal, Timeline & Budget (REVISED)


What are we building?

We are planning to build a bicycle generator. This will involve someone pedaling on a bicycle to power any electric device such as your cellphone or the battery packs in this classroom.

Why are we building this?

We want to leave the classroom with something that can be used for future generations as well as a way to create human powered energy that is sustainable while promoting physical fitness.

Timeline: (updated 5/9/18)

2/13-2/16: research the parts needed to complete this project
2/19-2/23: continue research and begin acquiring the parts needs
2/26-3/2: if obtained treadmill, disassemble and use for parts
3/5-3/9: extract motor from treadmill
3/12-3/16: if obtained stationary bicycle, use as frame and mount for motor
3/19-3/23: continue to finalize plan 
3/26-3/30: spring break
4/2-4/6: research information on friction, watts, amps, and volts
4/9-4/13: test motor and ensure that power will generate
4/16-4/20: use a 24 volt motor instead to generate more power
4/23-4/27: mount motor, attach 3D printed part
4/30-5/4: connect the motor to the battery and the battery to what we are charging
5/7-5/11: make needed adjustments to the final project
5/14-5/18: completion of the project

(changes will be made as our plan becomes finalized)

Budget: (updated 5/9/18)

What do we need?

1 exercise bicycle (donation)
24 volt motor (about $30)
3D (found in the classroom)
1 battery (found in the classroom)

(Everything else was found in the classroom or received as a donation)




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